Simple Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Simple Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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Posted 2023-05-08 by Chandra Clementsfollow
With Mother's Day just around the corner and cost of living pressures biting into everyone's piggy bank, offering some cost-effective, simple Mother's Day gift ideas seems appropriate. Perhaps you could pass this article to your better half to share with the kids, or maybe even use this for gifts that can be made as a family. Whatever you choose, I hope you find love and togetherness in the simplicity of these ideas.

1. Coffee Body Scrub
Bring together your used coffee grounds (we are recycling!!), some coconut oil, and a few drops of Tea Tree oil in a bowl. The Tea Tree adds an antibacterial property to this refreshing mix. You can then add some orange or mint essential oil if you have some. Combine the mix to form a wet sand texture. Work the mixture until all the oil is spread throughout the coffee. Grab some washed jars and spoon the mix inside. Pop on the lid and use some bark from the garden to wrap around the jars. Fix with string or a rubber band. Add a cardboard card and you have the most beautiful, indulgent, and healthy gift for Mum, Nan, or any other special person you wish to celebrate. Great for dry or tired skin.

2. Rock Gardening
Recently my kids and I attended a rock painting workshop. At first, I thought the kids would last ten seconds, yet two hours later we were still there. It was therapeutic, artistic, inclusive, and sensitive. I enjoyed painting the rocks as much as the kids and afterwards, we brought home a collection of artworks. These memories now sit in our rock garden as a cute reminder of our talents and memories. Kmart sells great paint markers that are easy to use on river rocks. Don't forget to seal the artwork with a coating of clear varnish and mark it with the year. You can add to it in future years if you wish. My seven-year-old created a rock covered in hearts and little flowers and it is absolutely gorgeous. More importantly, it is personal and a symbol of that time in our lives. I just love it. Such an easy thing for everyone in the family to join in on.

3. Hair Treatment
Grab a half-cup of plain yoghurt, throw in some coconut oil, and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Mix together and pop aside. Grab Mum a seat in your home salon and pop a towel under her hair and around her shoulders. If you want to really impress, warm the towel before you use it. Apply the hair mix liberally to her shampooed hair and then cover her hair with a shower cap. Let her relax in peace for 20 minutes while your very special potion does its magic, then rinse in warm water. Mum will now have gloriously shiny and happy hair. And you didn't even need to leave home!

4. Hand Art
Our hands are such a special part of us. They tell our age, they provide that comforting touch, they heal and they nurture. Grab a cheap canvas from your local art or discount store. Use some neutral-coloured acrylic paints in beige, gold, grey, cream and brown to place an impression of each family member's hand on the canvas. Interlock and overlap them. Mix the colours across each person to create a blend of complementary tones. The finished piece will not only capture the connectivity between you all but also provide a lovely reminder of age (especially when little/baby hands are involved). This can create a stunning piece that requires little artistic skill and which can be completed in next to no time. Perhaps you can repeat the process next year and the year after and fill the hallway with your impressions.

Mother's Day doesn't need to involve credit cards, long car trips, shopping centres or stress. Ideally, it will involve quality time with those we love, special moments, and the creation of memories. The above four ideas are designed to make your Mother's Day touching and intimate and provide gifts that your kids can arrange with minimal fuss. Who doesn't love a good body scrub or hair treatment? Perhaps you might even be able to negotiate a good foot massage in the process while admiring your 'Many Hands' painting.

May you have a beautiful Mother's Day and enjoy reflecting on what makes you a special Mum.



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