Naughty Little Kids Goat Farm and Tour

Naughty Little Kids Goat Farm and Tour

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Posted 2023-04-11 by Chandra Clementsfollow
Boy, have I got a great find for you! I stumbled across an online advert for a goat farm at Peaks Crossing, just outside of Ipswich QLD, and thought it sounded like something my kids would enjoy. I logged on to the site and purchased a family pass ($50 for two adults and up to six kids) and off we went on our latest adventure. I was hopeful, but you never know what you will find with these random adverts. Nevertheless, the price was right and the location was an hour from home.

Naughty Little Kids Dairy Farm is located at 1531 Ipswich Boonah Rd, Peak Crossing, QLD, Australia, Queensland. Let me summarise this experience. It is awesome, educational, with a touch of home-grown wonderful! My kids and I loved it to the point that we have not stopped reliving our countless photos and videos of our time with the goats. As a working dairy farm, there is nothing flash about the location. It's a farm, it's smelly and there isn't a cappuccino maker or hot chip in sight. What it does offer is a chance to feed the goats, get in with the kids (theirs, not yours haha), make cheese, milk a goat, follow a chicken or two, taste five different flavours of organic gelato, sample some great fresh cheese, and spend some time so far away from screens, enclosures, shopping centres and airconditioning.

Peaks Crossing is a little out of Ipswich and a pleasant country photographer's dream. With its quaint wooden church, a bistro at the pub, a beautiful playground under the shade of some grand old trees, and a backdrop of stunning volcanic mountains, the place is perfect for a picnic prior to your tour time at the goat farm. I was born in Country NSW so this little town was very familiar to me in so many ways. My two-year-old son thought the fact that everyone entering and exiting the service station said hello to him was such a buzz. There is not a lot to see, but it is a historic part of QLD that has all the comforts of a place where everyone knows everyone. We played in the park for some time and explored the Anzac Memorial before our tour commenced.

Your tour at the goat farm will start with some hands-on love for the goats and their babes. Cute, cute, cute, is all I have to say about that! They are obviously used to tourist attention and love all the milk, pats, cuddles and dancing (see the photo of my daughter dancing with the goat below - his choice, not hers!). My son thought feeding the goats with their furious desire to drain a bottle in ten seconds flat was hysterical and gave him the chance to get up close and personal. He was slightly concerned when one of the goats started leaking underneath and crawled under to check for a maintenance issue - much to the entertainment of everyone watching on. Luckily no serious issue was uncovered!

Naughty Little Kids offers the chance to get up close to the farmer himself. He runs the tour and is very skilled in conveying a lot of educational information about the dairy and goat farming industry in a way that pleases the adults without boring the kids. The chance to milk the goat was enjoyed by all the kids and then the milk was used to make cheese right in front of us. I found this to be a second-to-none experience and loved that my kids got to understand where food really comes from and how.

The gelato-tasting experience was again run by the farmer and involved organic produce available to buy on-site. The tasting is included in your tour price and involves a generous amount of gelato. My five-year-old daughter gave the chocolate gelato eleven points out of ten and then ate mine and her brothers. That's what family is for, I guess! The gelato tasting was then followed by a cheese-tasting experience.

I could write all day about this experience and can not thank the owners enough for keeping this tour real. The tour groups are small sizes and book out quickly. They are run every Sunday and bookings can be made from their Facebook Page . The owners are lovely country people and keen to make your visit a wholesome one. There is nothing pretentious or overly commercial about this experience. It is raw and it needs to be on your list of Places To Take The Kids.


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