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Killen Falls

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Our family is hooked on hiking. With the health benefits, family time, sightseeing, and free nature of hiking, we all benefit in so many ways. There is nothing quite like it. My two-year-old is an energy machine and can hike all day. He loves the outdoors so Killen Falls in NSW, near the QLD border, was a great day out for him. Let's face it. It was a spectacular day out for all of us. The more I see of Australia, the more I am convinced that we are, unquestionably, the lucky country. There is just soooooo much to see.

Located at the end of Killen Falls Drive, Tintenbar, the Falls are a 20 min drive from Ballina, through stunning hills and past unforgettable homes. This is a great walk for all ages as it is a mix of easy, level walking and chunky-rock-climbing-type-down-a-hill adventures. My kids were up for both and we went just after heavy rain the previous day so we got muddy. Actually, we got muddy on top of muddy. Mud was everywhere. The kids thought that was an excellent outcome. My car did not.

Mud aside, the photographs do not do this place justice. It was serene. The bottom of the falls was brimming with fish and the water was sparkling cool. The rocks were slippery and mossy so you do need to be prepared to carry little ones and guide older ones if you intend to head here. You can go under the falls and there is plenty of cave space to sit with your family and admire how awesome Mother Nature is. We went in the afternoon, which I would recommend as the light was beautiful. You may struggle to find a park as the parking is limited, but you can park further back along the road. Again, just be careful with young kids as it is hard to see the cars coming out of the lower carpark.

We explored up and down the creek and spent time looking at plants, fish, rocks, and birds. We sat and talked. We spent no money. We needed no wifi. We were practically the only people there. And we were gifted a warm, autumn afternoon, tinged with the freshness of nightfall on its way. There were other families there when we first arrived and they indulged in a swim under the waterfall's stream, which looked amazing, but a touch cold for my liking. We will come back in summer I can assure you.

There is access to the Emigrant Creek Dam and space for a picnic. The viewing platform at the top of the falls is great for people who wish to get among nature yet who may struggle with long hikes. It is only 330m to get to the platform. The roar of the falls from the platform is well worth making any effort to get here, keeping in mind it is two hours from Brisbane and 90 mins from the Gold Coast. Afterwards, you can pop into Ballina for a meal, or do what we did and explore the scenery of Fernvale and Brooklet. There are loads of roadside stalls selling fruit, honey, nuts and flowers. There are cows that have never gone hungry in their lives. There are amazing homes with acres of manicured lawns and views over the hinterland that will make you want to sell up and move there.

Wait.....Are you still reading this article? No, no, no! Go grab your hiking boots and tell the kids to jump in the car.


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