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Posted 2022-11-29 by Chandra Clementsfollow
It's fair to say that the popularity of the humble Aussie koala has skyrocketed since the devastation of the 2019/20 East Coast bushfires. There is a universal desire in all of us to picture our koala friends, relaxed, asleep in a tree, or munching on a fistful of juicy eucalypt leaves. Anything less seems Un-Australian. Luckily, the Koala Centre at Daisy Hill , QLD, satisfies this desire.

Located 25km south of Brisbane and an easy drive from the Gold Coast, the Koala Centre is the place to go to learn about koalas and their conservation. Not far from Exit 24 on the M1, the Centre adjoins the Daisy Hill Conservation Park, a popular location in itself. With loads of parking tucked away around various corners, the Koala Centre offers open-air exhibits, a mini-museum, Koala Keeper talks, and a movie room (The Woodland Theatre). The kids will love the ability to come close to the koalas up in their trees, thanks to the ramp design of the Centre. All of the furry residents were captured in the wild after suffering some form of illness or accident. The Koala Keepers can happily update you on each resident's medical progress.

Are you sitting down? You may want to when I tell you the Centre is free to attend. Zero. Zilch! There are not too many activities for all the family that come free of charge. Donations are sincerely appreciated if you so desire, and given the importance of the work being done here, it seems only fitting to do so. Group bookings for playgroups and schools etc are also free.

Open Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm (closed Good Friday, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day) my family and I went early to the Centre and then had lunch in the Park where the kids could run free. All in all, we spent about three hours there and the kids got a healthy dose of fresh air, an understanding of the fragility of our native wildlife, an increased level of affection for koalas, and a greater understanding of the impact of development and human intervention on vulnerable koalas. What can be more important than teaching our young ones the impact they can have on their environment, both positively and negatively?

The exhibits are largely interactive and there is a general level of humor incorporated into their presentation. My kids are only young but the Centre was both educational and fun for them. We have since been back to check on the progress of our furry friends. There is ramp access to all parts of the venue for prams and wheelchairs, although keep in mind that some areas of parking can be quite steep. The venue is under the canopy of the surrounding forest so even on the hottest of days, you are well protected from the sun.

With the school holidays fast approaching, pop the Daisy Hill Koala Centre on your list of holiday options. Located at 253 Daisy Hill Road your children will both learn from and love this adventure.


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