Cedar Creek Falls

Cedar Creek Falls

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If you are up to date with my articles, you will know my family has a love of hiking. Luckily, you can't drive ten minutes on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane to find great spots to explore. We are brimming with options and sitting in the middle of National Parks galore. There are waterfalls, gorges, cute lakes and creeks, unbeatable sunsets, and a menagerie of animals and birdlife waiting to join you on an adventure. Cedar Creek Falls, nestled in Mount Tamborine, is a great place to picnic, swim, explore, hike, and spend time with family and friends. It is easy to get to and a mix of easy and more challenging walking.

Cedar Creek Falls is a must-see location if you live in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast. It is a great destination in summer when it is a few degrees cooler in the canyon, and also a great winter walk when the mist sets in and you can indulge in a BBQ in the park located at the start of the falls. Swimming in the crystal clear rock pool water is also a great idea in summer, but is only for the very brave as we head into cooler months. Set your GPS for 76 Cedar Creek Falls Rd, Tamborine Mountain QLD 4272.

I am originally from NSW and so the deep gorge nature of this walk reminds me of the Blue Mountains. The walk itself begins with a bitumen surface, then progresses to a wooden bridge, then concrete, and then to rock and dirt. There are handrails along most of the walk but once you reach the actual creek, you are on your own. If you travelling with young kids, there are lots of places for trips and falls and so managing expectations and boundaries on this adventure will be very important. My kids, seven, five and two, were in awe of the waterfall and the steepness of the canyon. They loved the tricky nature of having to navigate the rocks to get down to the water's edge. They loved the windy paths and the views across the falls. I thought the photographic opportunities here were endless, the water was spectacularly clear, the walk was comfortable and the facilities (BBQs, toilets, seating, handrails, etc) were another win.

Keep in mind that parking here near the Falls themselves is very limited. If you don't get a park, you will need to park up the hill near the main road. This means you will cart your kids and supplies down and then up a pretty steep hill. However, this is a healthy venture, so the extra calories being burned in this process are part of the gain. You just may not agree with me while you are lugging your three-year-old up the hill post-walk.

This is a popular location and it is no wonder why. It is stunning. My advice is to go later in the day when the light is scattering everywhere, and when the crowds have left. Do not go off the designated track as it is dangerous and also detrimental to the landscape. Some teenagers tried to beat us to the water while we were doing the walk and embarked on sliding down a section of the hill......only to get stuck halfway down, injure themselves, and have us overtake them simply by sticking to the allocated path. It may look like a shortcut, but it probably won't turn out to be. Just take your time and enjoy the moment.

Afterwards, pop up to the Curtis Falls Takeaway and Icecream Shop at 2/8 Eagle Heights Rd, Tamborine Mountain QLD 4272. This is a homely, basic-food-done-well kind of place. Parking is right at the door yet be careful as you will find yourself on a very busy intersection. This venue will be busy in the middle of the day but also has a lot of seating available.

Cedar Creek Falls is a special adventure for you and your extended family. Those with babies and the elderly may wish to only venture to the first viewpoint and stick with the flat landing. The more active and adventurous of you may wish to go all the way down into the canyon. Whatever your thrill and activity level is, you will find it here at the Falls. Oh, and I should mention that throwing rocks in the creek at the start of the parking area is another popular pastime. My two-year-old son would not forgive me if I failed to add in this 'most important' piece! Enjoy!

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