At Home Resources & Entertainment Guide for Parents

At Home Resources & Entertainment Guide for Parents

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Posted 2020-04-15 by Suefollow
Self-isolating at home? Here is our isolation survival guide for parents! We have sourced a bunch of online education, digital resources and plenty of activities to keep the kids active and learning. A BIG thank you to our Gold Coast Mums Group members and sponsors who contributed.

If you know of any other activities to include in this guide, please email [email protected]

  • Scholastic has created a free learn-from-home site with 20 days of learning and activities. Resource from PreK and Kindergarten to Grade 9, as well as teachers and parents.
  • Check out the National Geographic Kids Club if your little explorer loves learning and discovering new and exciting things. Here they will find journals, videos and some really cool learning experiences.
  • ABC Quest is a fun and educational platform for pre-schoolers where they learn the alphabet, vocabulary, phonics, animals, colours and more through story telling. The platform has the ability to control screen time with a press of a button! Download from the Google Play Store or the App Store .
  • ABC Kids creates a magical world where your children can learn, play and explore through their trusted programs, games, and activities.
  • Learn something new every day with Google Arts & Culture .
  • For pre-schoolers, ABC Kids Early Education offers an inspiring range of curriculum-linked ABC programs and podcasts.
  • Improve spelling and vocabulary with the fun and engaging Spell Block Academy Game for children aged 6 years.
  • Discover new maths skills with the cool Gobbling Goblins Game from children aged 7 years.
  • Learn about ancient Rome with the fun mystery game, QED: Cosmos Casebook for children 10 - 14 years old.
  • Visit the Khan Academy website for daily schedules for students ages 2-18 to keep them learning. Khan also provides short-lessons in the form of YouTube videos, which are great for a break from the books!
  • ABC Reading Eggs is offering 30 days free access to their online reading platform for ages 3-13 years. You can also get free access to ABC Mathseeds too!
  • You can't go past Eddie Woo's Wootube Maths Channel. For those living under a rock, Mr Woo is a superstar High School Maths teacher who presents different tutorials about maths on his popular YouTube channel.
  • What does the Government in Canberra actually do? The Parliamentary Education Office website contains lots of information about Parliament, with fact sheets, videos and quizzes.
  • Check out the Moneysmart government website for fun and interactive children and parents can do together online.
  • The Royal Australian Mint has resources to learn about the history of Australian currency, how it's produced and denominations and designs.

  • Free 3-day trial, exclusive for Mums Group members.

  • ActLive TV is a new platform for online acting classes for ages 4-17. Learn acting skills, interact with other kids, and work with professional actors. ActLive TV has everything from acting techniques, to Harry Potter-themed classes, Shakespeare, creative play and puppetry. Great for drama nerds missing their time on stage and screen, but equally fun for those new to acting and want to try it out for the first time. ActLive TV is an initiative of Perform Australia, one of Australia's greatest drama schools, helping your child find the story within.
  • Generation Dance has gone virtual with their Ready Set Dance and Ready Set Ballet classes! Both programs focus on developing the 3 C’s for pre-schoolers - Confidence, Coordination and Creativity. They are even offering 20% off fees for Term 2.
  • Ginormous Bubbles! Courtesty of Guardian Early Learning Centres. Hours of fun outdoors with ingredients you'll find in your pantry. You're welcome.
  • Subscribe to the Move For Life fun dance videos for under 5's and keep the kids moving!
  • Explore the backyard and learn with lessons that let kids explore their natural environment. Great for parents with younger children. If you're restricted on space, try going on a nature hunt around your local area and document your findings.
  • The Little Gym at Mitcham and are currently offering free at home activities, ranging from arts and crafts to fitness exercises for children from 4 months to 12 years old. Visit the The Little Gym Mitcham Facebook Page for all the info.
  • Learn how to build a worm farm , create a frog pond or make a natural pesticide from the Eco-Schools website .
  • Heard of loose parts play? Loose parts play is made up from materials that can be moved, manipulated, constructed, rearranged, taken apart, put together and given a destiny that is determined by a child. See some examples here , or create your own by recycliing materials at home.
  • Go on a Nature Safari !
  • Download the Passport app for free on both the App Store and Google Play Store .
  • Build your very own Mud Kitchen for the kids in the backyard.
  • A daily 30-minute P.E. session for school aged kids from a personal trainer and P.E. Teacher in the UK.
  • GoNoodle videos get kids moving to be their strongest, bravest, silliest, smartest, bestest selves. Over 14 million kids each month are dancing, stretching, running, jumping, deep breathing, and wiggling with GoNoodle.
  • Bounce Patrol has catchy kids songs and nursery rhymes to get toddlers and pre-schoolers up and bouncing! Learn colours, numbers, alphabet, animals and more as you move, groove and sing along. These shows aren’t workouts specifically, but they definitely encourage the little ones to get up and move.
  • Yoga For Kids is a 15-Minute yoga class just for kids, specifically 8 years and under. Not only does this class feel exactly like playtime, it’s also the perfect opportunity for kids to get a taste of yoga’s many amazing benefits, like greater physical and mental strength, relaxation and mindfulness.

  • Visit The Louvre museums’ exhibition rooms, galleries and architecture.
  • Virtually stroll around the courtyards of Barcelona’s famous Picasso Museum while learning about the building’s architecture.
  • Take a free virtual tour through all of Guggenheim 's contemporary art collections.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Met 360° Project is a free series of six short videos showcasing the building’s architecture from many different angles and perspectives.
  • The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History offers 360-degree views of all its exhibits online.
  • The British Museum ’s free interactive timeline lets users see artefacts from ancient civilisations all around the world, with the ability to explore different eras, locations, and topics.
  • The Museum of Modern Art has an extensive online library of photos of its permanent collections.
  • Celebrate the life and art of Salvador Dalí with a virtual tour of the whole museum complex, starting at the front entrance.
  • See the world from a new perspective at QAGOMA. Together, the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art offer compelling experiences that will move and surprise you.
  • Walk around outside or inside the Sydney Opera house.
  • Stroll through the gardens and admire the view of Sydney Harbour here. Go inside to look at the Sydney Observatory Museum .
  • Wander through the halls of the Melbourne Museum .
  • Watch the earth from space with NASA Live!
  • Engage with an exhibition, art or theme online with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.

  • Melbourne Symphony Orchestra is live streaming its upcoming scheduled performances – for free.
  • The Met Opera is streaming live performances at 7:30pm (local time) every night. Recordings are available for 20 hours after each show.
  • ABC Kids Listen is a radio station and on demand app for children (and grown-ups too). This channel provides children with music for dancing, stories for relaxing and soothing soundtracks for sleeping.
  • Enjoy live music with no bathroom lines from the comfort of your own couch with the jam base couch tour .
  • Stream Andrew Lloyd Webber's Musicals for free online.

  • Slippery Slime has a fascinating texture and can make for hours of fun for children of all ages. It is cheap and easy to make and provides lots of learning opportunities.
  • For all the space enthusiasts out there, NASA's complete media library is available online.
  • Check out the Google Expeditions app , a free virtual Reality Augmentation app for all ages, to take virtual trips around the world to hundreds of destinations.
  • Inspire wonder and curiosity with these fun, DIY Snappy Science activities from Cool Australia .
  • Australia's National Science Organisation is engaged in research to confront the biggest challenges facing our nation. The CSIRO website contains plenty of information about different research projects related to health, climate change, farming and food production. Although it's not specifically targeted towards children, it's a useful source of knowledge for kids with questions.
  • Teach your kids to code with66 Scratch! Scratch is designed especially for ages 8-16 years, but can really be used by anyone. It's a graphical programming language which allows children to drag and combine coding blocks to make a range of programs. Check out ScratchJnr for children aged 5-7!
  • GeoScience Australia has an online collection of resources in Geography and Sciences.
  • For at home science experiments, check out the Fizzics Education website.
  • Mastercard is giving free access to a section of its dedicated science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) program Girls4Tech , which is aimed at young girls aged between eight and 12.

  • Mindfully start your day with Cosmic Kids Yoga It features calming music, age-appropriate instruction, and children get an intro to basic yoga positions — hello, Spider and Warrior poses! All while letting the stress of their days melt away...
  • Emotion Faces - a simple printout with several faces showing emotions from happiness and sadness to anger and confusion. Use this to help children express their feelings and emotions through play.]
  • One easy way for children to dip their toes into mindfulness is through body poses. To get your kids excited, t666ell them that doing fun poses can help them feel strong, brave, and happy. Have the kids go somewhere quiet and familiar, a place they feel safe. Next, tell them to try the Superman pose (standing with the feet just wider than the hips, fists clenched, and arms reached out to the sky, stretching the body as tall as possible or the Wonder Woman pose (standing tall with legs wider than hip-width apart and hands or fists placed on the hips). Ask the kids how they feel after a few rounds of trying either of these poses. You may be surprised.
  • The Safari exercise is a great way to help kids learn mindfulness. This activity turns an everyday walk into an exciting new adventure. Tell your kids that you will be going on a safari: their goal is to notice as many birds, bugs, creepy-crawlies, and any other animals as they can. Anything that walks, crawls, swims, or flies is of interest, and they’ll need to focus all of their senses to find them, especially the little ones.
  • Smiling Mind is a lovely Australian mindfulness meditation smartphone app to experience, for both adults and kids. It's available on for iPhone and Andriod .
  • WeMeditate has live streamed, guided meditation sessions for all ages.
  • Bring back Pen Pals! Show the elderly in our community you are thinking of them and record or write a hopeful, uplifting message to share. Register to become a Pen Pal and get creative! You never know how much your simple act of kindness could make to someone's day.

  • Take a guided tour around Uluru .
  • Swoop like a bird over the windswept Ireland's Cliffs of Moher using this interactive drone imagery of the iconic natural attraction.
  • Check out this amazing project – [LINk Virtual Yosemite] – that transports you to this bucket-list National Park. It even has sound.
  • See all of the epic sights of Yellowstone , and plan your visit for when travel resumes, with these virtual explorations.
  • Connect with the wild nature of Alaska via this live feed of Alaska’s Katmai National Park .
  • Houston Zoo in Texas has live webcams which let you get right up close to the animals. One of the best views is of the giraffe feeding platform.
  • Check out all the sea creatures that call the San Diego Zoo aquarium home on the live webcams.
  • The gates might be shut, but you can take a virtual walk through Disneyland's Theme Parks thanks to Google Street View’s 360-degree panoramas.
  • The Australian Reptile Park has created a new educational series for students called Animal Tales with Tim Faulkner. The series features a new episode every day and takes a closer look at Australia’s wonderful animals. Available to watch on Tim Faulkner’s Facebook page or the Australian Reptile Park’s YouTube channel .
  • Fancy something a bit more thrilling? Experience a rollercoaster ride on Disney’s California Adventure or Frozen Ever After rides.
  • is the world's leading philanthropic live nature cam network and documentary film channel. Watch a puppy playroom , kitten sancturary , African elephant park , an alligator swamp , sharks in the Atlantic ocean, sea lions and [LINK sea otters, and much more.

  • Looking for high-quality, colourful, hand made wooden toys for your preschooler? Wooden Kingdom are an Australian business with a huge range, including motion toys, display figures, puzzles and musical instruments as well as hanging decorations.
  • Finding toys that help keep the kids entertained and learning is a challenge. Be sure to check out LaQ Construction Toys . They are a creative, open-ended outlet that kids will love! The best bit... there are only 7 different parts, so parents won't be forever searching for the missing piece!
  • Play School Art Maker for children 5 years and under allows budding artists to create pictures, animated movies and slideshows in one cool app.
  • Visit the Kidspot website for age filtered art & craft ideas for kids of all ages.
  • Make your own calm down bottle with this easy-to-follow tutorial.
  • Keep children entertained at home with these fun book-based activities !
  • Get the kids in the kitchen and enjoy making these fun recipes from Kidspot that will keep both their hands and brains busy!
  • Happy Handz , hand hygiene for kids have free resources on their website, including fun videos, activities and experiments, posters and colouring in sheets.

  • Guardian Early Learning has published a Learning Exchange database of fun activities and experiences carefully developed and curated their Guardian Teachers and Educators.
  • The woman behind Harry Potter has come to the rescue and released a brand new website, called Harry Potter at Home . She Tweeted: “Parents, teachers and carers working to keep children amused and interested while we’re on lockdown might need a bit of magic, so I’m delighted to launch
  • Listen to stories for free with audible . (Free listening is available for as long as schools are closed in the US).
  • Kindle Unlimited is free for the first month and allows readers to download over 1 million titles and thousands of audiobooks on any device.
  • Teach yourself to draw! Where to start? sketching-basics , how to get the proportions right on faces and how to draw faces .
  • ABC's Behind the News is a fun, high-energy way for children to learn about current issues and world events.
  • ABC TV Education provides school programming during the school term, 10am–12pm weekdays. Perfect for parents working-from-home!
  • ABC's Education offers on-demand, curriculum-matched programming for High School students.
  • Imagine the best stories being read aloud to you by our favourite storytellers – well that's Story Box Library !
  • Amazon Prime Video has made a selection of its family-friendly movies and TV shows available to stream for free on Amazon Prime Video.

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