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Apple Training for Kids

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Posted 2023-09-30 by Chandra Clementsfollow
Did you know Apple stores run incredibly fun and cool workshops for kids for free? I didn't either! Recently a friend suggested we take our kids to an Apple Procreate - How to Draw a Portrait on an iPad - session. It ran for one hour in store and my two, six and eight-year-olds loved it. Yes, I said two-year-old! The trainers are lovely, the length of the training is kid-friendly, and the environment is very inviting.

These are small group workshops in which devices are provided (you can bring your own if you wish). You can book online and browse the many different courses available throughout the day. Whether it be drawing classes, fitness watch sessions, or photography training, you will be amazed at the types of courses you and your little ones can attend. I just cannot recommend this enough as I learned at the same time as my kids and it all seemed a lot more productive than kids sitting on devices watching YouTube or playing games.

The Procreate class taught attendees how to go from literally accessing the app to making a cartoon masterpiece of each of our faces. Have a look at the finished results in the images attached and you may struggle to believe these are the artworks of children created in less than half an hour. Next to us, a group of mums (and some dads) were learning about their Apple watches and how to use them to enhance their fitness. I didn't catch much of that second session but what I did see was a relaxed and informative session driven by attendees with loads of questions.

I am usually on edge taking my two-year-old to anything that requires the art of sitting still. I even prebriefed my mummy friend who organised the booking that my two-year-old would be up and out of there in five! So when he grabbed a device and a pen and sat up next to the group ready to learn all about Procreate, I was in shock. He loved it. He drew, He accessed all the features. He wiped things out and started again. He even coached other attendees who weren't picking things up as quickly as him (this was rather funny). On a more serious note, my eight-year-old learned so much and at $AUD20 the Procreate App is now our latest buy.

Check out what's on offer in your local Apple store today!



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